The role of collaboration in the supply chain of the automotive industry in Morocco


  • HANSALI Mohamed
  • GOURCH Abdelwahed


Supply chain collaboration, Supply chain flexibility, supply chain performance, turbulent markets , impact assessment


Competitiveness is no longer defined by price and quality alone, but also by service or otherwise the availability of products on the market, which is an essential factor in addition to the other factors of value creation and is becoming increasingly important. However, it is still difficult to give priority to service at the expense of cost control, and the objective is therefore to ensure the availability of products in the markets despite their turbulence without having a significant impact on costs. In this respect, collaborative practices show satisfying results by ensuring flexibility and responsiveness (operational performance) without significantly impacting costs (cost performance).

The research project we are conducting focuses on collaborative practices for learning in the automotive industry in Morocco, but first we want to make sure of the effect and results of these practices in this context, which is the subject of this paper. The empirical study shows that collaborative practices are more correlated with operational performance than cost performance.