The impact of the knowledge economy on inclusive development in Morocco: Analysis and comparisons


  • Abdelkader EL MOUTAOUKIL Université IBN ZOHR, Agadir
  • Sofyan OUMANE Université IBN ZOHR


knowledge economy, Development, Economic performance, Comparative analysis, Morocco.


This research paper is part of the development of economy; it presents the contribution of the knowledge economy development in Morocco. A new model adopts a development strategy based on four fundamental pillars: Economic Incentives and institutional regime, education and human resources, national research and innovation system and infrastructure of information technology and communication. Through this brief, we develop several types of analysis to assess the economic situation of Morocco in a comparative framework.
The objective is to assess the level of the four components of the knowledge economy in the context of developing countries (in particular, Morocco). To do this, this article proposes to examine first, the economic situation of Morocco in a comparative and descriptive framework. Then, the second step is to assess Morocco's capacity in terms of the knowledge economy. In the end, the final step deals with the link between the indices of the knowledge
economy and development in the context of the Moroccan economy.