The behavioral intention formation: the consumption of labeled product in Morocco


  • Maha RAIF
  • Abdellatif AIT HEDA


local products, labeling, intention, beliefs, consumer behavior


The interest in local products in Morocco is due to their participation in the economic and social development of Morocco. The Distinctive Signs of Origin and Quality (SDOQ) are a part of the strategies of valorization of those products. They protect both the cooperatives' products and their consumers.

This paper aims to investigate both the beliefs of Moroccans towards labeled locally grown products and the factors that might prevent their consumption. For this, our research is based on the Theory of Planned behavior  of Ajzen (1991).

Given the limited number of studies on the consumption of the said products in Morocco, our objective is to get closer to the Moroccan consumer. We therefore opted for 17 focus groups composed by three persons per one.

Participants expressed a favorable attitude towards these products. However there are barriers that may prevent the act of purchase. Thus, lack of trust in state organisms was the most factor cited by respondents. It’s followed by the proximity and exorbitant price of labeled products. From a managerial point of view, the knowledge of these trained beliefs about labeled local products will allow all stakeholders to adapt their offers according to consumers' expectations. This will, hopefully, encourage Moroccans to consume local products and participate in the social and economic development.