Youth employment and social commitment strategy of enterprises “Case of Benguerir Skills Center‘s employment program ”


  • Mustapha ACHIBANE
  • Youssef BOUCHNAFA


Skills center, young people, Employability, corporate social responsibility, mining towns



In a globalized world, companies are moving towards the adoption of corporate social responsibility (CSR), by integrating a strategy that aligns with the values of listening, proximity and partnership with all stakeholders. In this sense, Moroccan companies have shown an effective commitment to an approach that goes beyond the sole objective of exploiting the "good" towards a logic of creating and strengthening the social link.

Since its establishment in the phosphate mining towns, the OCP group has tried to contribute to the local development of its territories. This is a commitment to sustainable development making it possible to respond to the company's strategic challenges, particularly the youth employability program. A program which is part of a national employment policy approach and which generally addresses labor market activities and the issue of unemployment

The aim of this work is to question the contribution of the employability program in the OCP site in Benguerir in the integration of young people. The data used comes from a field survey involving a sample of 189 young beneficiaries from the province. The analysis allowed us to show the success of this program in this city and the real commitment of the OCP group.