Understanding the role of supply chain digitalization in the quality of buyer-supplier relationship: case studies of Moroccan companies


  • Ilham Rharoubi ENCG-Agadir Ibn Zohr university
  • Kaoutar Talmenssour Mohammed 1st university, Oujda


Supply chain digitalization, Buyer-supplier relationship, Relationship quality, Moroccan context, Case study


Recently and more precisely the last couple of years, we have witnessed a shift towards digital technology in almost all areas and fields of application, and that is due to COVID-19 which has dramatically accelerated digital alterations worldwide. So, the main challenge for companies remains being able to adapt to this constantly changing environment, especially while the customer has today more options and is challenging and more demanding in terms of speed, cost optimization and quality. In this context, the objective of this article is to analyze the practices of digitalization within the supply chain and their repercussions on the quality of buyer-supplier relationship. We set out, in this study, to understand the link between supply chain digitalization and buyer-supplier relationship quality while applying the approach of case study and using qualitative techniques. With this work and through in-depth case design analysis from both buyer and supplier perspectives, we have been able to confirm and understand the role played by digitalization in the quality of buyer-supplier relationship within supply chain in the Moroccan context.